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New developments

We're happy to join your team at any time in a project's life, the earlier the better.

Just the other day we showed a veteran developer how to clear an easy extra six-figure sum from a straight-forward development. He sat there dumb-founded, quietly shaking his head pondering how much has slipped through his fingers over the years with all his past developments that no other consultant had recognised or provided that advice.

The correct structure from the earliest concept and inclusion of our skilled expert Body Corporate Managers is a cost-saver and value-add to your project-team from day-one.

Our depth of Australian and international experiences with all sized strata projects, and developers large and small, adds a unique post-sell-out perspective, brings a skill-set to the table and with this, yield and profit to the project's bottom-line.

A developer's brand and repute lives-on in perpetuity in the purchasers' on-going ownership satisfaction with their Scheme, so you ought have the best Body Corporate Managers on board to carry-through and maximise every advantage.


Purchasers are far more sophisticated than at anytime in the past and look beyond a display-unit or model-home when making a decision. Being branded with our Award-winning firm from the outset is a demonstrable commercial advantage that costs no more.

• New project set-up from two to beyond 2000 lots

• Express service for builders, developers and solicitors

• CMS, budgets, lot entitlements and staged  development structuring

• Chinese (Mandarin fluent, written and oral) team-member available